Taste of Asia

Taste of Asia



Web Design for student based organization. Created and managed the website. Developed an online donation channel that suits the club's need. Graphic Design and Logo Design for the club.

Web Design  +

Graphic Design  +

Worked with Taste of Asia startup to come up with a simple, friendly brand. New logo, marketing flyers, and landing page design.

Complex concepts in a friendly identity



It was important that the program identity worked as print ephemera for the event. We extended the identity into posters, backdrops, badges, agendas, program booklets, tote bags, and signs, as well as some digital items like slide deck templates and website assets.








Arial Black

Powerful but Familiar


Accessible and Readable

We focused on keywords such as friendly, simple, inspiring that surfaced during a collaborative brand discovery session. The lively colors drive the motivational atmosphere of the site, while distinguished typography solidifies its authority.

Locking security into the brand


As an emerging startup, we wanted Taste of Asia's identity to instill customer trust, vitally important in their business industry.