SJ Enrichment

SJ Enrichment


SJ Enrichment Camp combines quality academic, athletics, recreation, and extra curricular programs to deliver the best summer experience to young children in North Jersey.

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SJ Enrichment needed help with creating their very first website to digitize their registration form and manage contents with ease. I worked closely with the owner of the business to create a simple yet inviting and functional website.

Making a simple yet informative website



Creating a landing page for SJ Enrichment presented a unique challenge: making the registration process super simple and mobile-friendly. We created an online registration form suitable for all locations to replace all of the form organization process that was previously done by hand. We made sure the website was

user-friendly for the parents to use as a communication tool with SJ Enrichment.









Punchy and Forward


Familiar and Friendly

We worked closely with SJ Enrichment to create a friendly brand identity on the web. One main feature was the digital yearbook for parents to access to see the updates on daily activities their child will experience.

Setting an atmosphere for connection


We wanted to make SJ Enrichment's website to represent the atmosphere the organization creates for their camp's students - a fun, bubbly, and educational environment. And we wanted the parents to see how much fun their kids are having while they learn through academic, athletic, and extra-curricular activities that was prepared by the camp's professional teaching staff.