Portfolio Living

Portfolio Living


Portfolio Living is a luxury brand store in River Square Mall. This retail store is a great place to buy gifts and decor. Product catalog includes jewelry, clothes, furniture, accessory, and

high-end interior decorations.

Web Design  +

E-Commerce Dev +

Graphic Design  +

Photography  +

Banner Design  +

I helped this client with creating their first 

e-commerce website to sell their products. Designed website, graphics, banners, icons, marketing materials using Photoshop & Illustrator. Took product photography and managed online store inventory.

Making the Content Management System accessible to all audiences



Creating an E-Commerce Channel for Portfolio Living presented a unique challenge: making a back-end CMS System easy to use for the client and store employees. I worked with the store owner and the employees to help them understand the basic functions to manage and update the website.








Dancing Script Regular

Fancy and Edgy


Stable and Readable

My design goal was to produce a simple shopping experience online. Visitors engage in an interactive store experience that promotes easy purchase with accessible coupons and promo code.

Converting the physical store front into a digital atmosphere


Client wanted me to focus on keywords such as luxury, minimal, and inviting that surfaced during a collaborative brand design session. The ivory color choice creates a soft high-end digital atmosphere, while fancy typography solidifies its luxury brand identity. 

These brand design choices transitions gracefully into the product shopping page. 

Simple navigation to explore content from page to page, all the while directing the

visitor to the product they desire.

Banner Design


Designed Seasonal Banner for Marketing. Created a system of design layouts that client can easily edit by simple replacing the image and the text. Helped the store owner with creating series of print design and marketing materials.

Product Photography


Create a photo light box and took product photography to upload the catalog on to the new website. Create a organized database for the client with different product categories.

Photoshop Touch Up


Product Photography enhancement using Adobe Photoshop. Introduced Adobe Creative Cloud to client and helped them with navigating and learning basic photo edit functions.

E-Commerce Shop Development


Online shop with easy Content Management System.