Amadeus Strings

Amadeus Strings



Specializing in quality string instruments and accessories in Poughkeepsie, New York. Website redesign and improving Youtube channel. 

Web Design  +

Graphic Design  +

Goal was to build a website that was secure but also flexible and the mobile platform, making it possible for their employees to easily change, add, or re-order the content on their site.

Youtube Engagement



I wanted to build a site that makes it easy for students to learn about the different music through the Youtube tutor channel Amadeus Sting offers. The business already provided tutoring sessions. The naturally created contents can be engaging to students who want to learn and share their performances.








Helvetica Bold

Conventional and Clean

Helvetica Light

Accessible and Standard

Design a simple website with a bold colors and visual design that emphasizes good user-experience.

Creating a Bigger Social Media Presence


By mixing stats with style we were able to deliver an informative brand piece with extensions for online advertising and YouTube pre-roll, strengthening company’s brand identity and encouraging viewers to always share what’s real.