Balloon Gal Jenny

Balloon Gal Jenny


Balloon Gal Jenny grew up in the Bay Area of California and came to Albany, NY to pursue a graduate degree in sculpture at the State University of NY at Albany.

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Her favorite part of being a balloon artist is the smile she bring to children’s and adult’s faces. She has over a decade of experience teaching art, cooking and balloon twisting to adults and children.

Rebooting the brand from zero



We set out to create a memorable brand for Balloon Gal Jenny that communicates friendly, retro, and party aesthetics. The redesigned identity uses very unique and memorable colors that reflects Jenny's fun loving personality. Balloon Gal Jenny offers exemplary balloon artistry and entertainment for all ages and functions.








Lulo Clean

Fun and Opened

Brandon Grotesque

Inviting and Smooth

Jenny's business goal is to provide a service that can bring joy, and make the preparation as fun as the celebration. My design goal was to visualize her identity and make it easy for her clients to book an appointment online.

A bold, dynamic website to incite action


Much of UpChannel’s competition in the mobile supply chain market was represented by stiff user experiences. We agreed on a more punchy experience to inspire potential customers in ways they weren’t used to. The site features big headlines and movement through patterns that encourage activity and conversions.